Core Values

As a pioneer of distance learning in India, IMTS for the past 15 years has worked on certain values to provide the right and futuristic distance learning counseling services to students from the US, UK, India, and the Middle East. Some of them being:

  1.  Enhancing Career: Distance learning draws its power from the notion of providing education to satiate the professional needs of an individual without disturbing their current work-life harmony. At IMTS we make sure that the student is able to hone the skillsets that are extremely necessary for their rapid career growth by choosing from the multitudinous courses offered by us. We counsel our students and provide acute career guidance by following the same principle.
  2. Feeding Student Interest: Having one of the best line-ups of vocational and academic courses, it is our first priority to find the course that sits perfectly in synchronization to the industry the student wishes to pursue its career in. For this, we attach a knowledgeable counselor with each student to provide them end to end guidance and support.
  3. Changing Career Direction: Career Counselling for any student is very necessary for them to be aware of the latest trends going in the industry they wish to follow and make big. For that, we have started this career counseling service segment where we educate our students regularly to prepare them for the global competition.
  4. Formalizing Knowledge: We want to make education reachable to all. we offer our services to in major parts of the world to make sure that no student isdeprived of a chance to grow their knowledge base and perform their professional duties with full earnestness and skills.