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Arts is the way to attain skills of analysis and expression. Although the study in the arts stream
might not make one capable of direct employment, it prepares the candidates for several
future job opportunities with excellent logical reasoning, communication skills, and analytical
The employers usually prefer a candidate who has the ability to think analytically and
independently that arts students are brimmed of. IMTS makes the candidates future-ready by
bestowing them with the right kind of education and guidance.

About the Programme

For the 10+1 and 10+2 education, all the subjects are taught by our experts, such as Philosophy,
Sociology, Geography, Political Science, History, etc. After 10+2th, the degree courses consist of
B.A., BFA, Hotel Management, Journalism and Mass Communication, event Manager, Fashion
Designer, Graphic Designer, Retail and Fashion Merchandise, Teacher Training Courses, etc. All
courses are added to our program.


  •  The candidate who has passed his/her 10th standard is eligible for arts education.
  •  For undergraduate degrees, the candidate is required to complete 10+2 in the arts
  • For a post-graduation degree, the student is needed to have a graduation degree in this


To complete 10+1 and 10+2, you need to give one year for each class. Almost all Bachelor's
degrees or undergraduate courses will take three years. Whereas, Masters courses can be
completed in two years only.


The best part is the art student gets wondrous job opportunities, however, their cost of study
remains quite low contrasting all other courses. The opportunities are diverse for art students
and they can even become their own boss. There are not just culture and literature related jobs
available for the arts candidates, but they can even focus on other streams as well, like

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