IMTS Key Differentiators:

Technology-based learning is still to make big in India, but its implementation has become a necessity. In the changing dynamics, students are preferring financial independence, picking up jobs as per their interest at an early age. For the whole purpose, the traditional education system fails to satiate their needs. Here is where we need distance learning the most. As pioneers of distance learning in India, we started in the year 2001 intending to help students find the best available distance learning program as per their subject interest. We started as a mission to bridge the difference and laid the founding stone for distance learning in India. Here is everything that makes us different

 1.  Not an institute but counselors:  At the core of our services we are very clear that we don’t promote any institute or favor a particular university, the purpose solely rests
upon the betterment of the education system of India, and providing quality education
using modern-day technology tools that empower remote learing

 2. Professionalism and Proficiency: As a pioneer, we have seen the industry change
and evolve, this way we are highly experienced and sensitive to student’s plights and
their needs. Our professional services thus are aimed to provide them exactly what
they need. Plus, we have the widest network of distance learning in India, we have
established our centers in major cities of India and also in the developed countries of
the west such as Dubai, UAE and more.

3. Quality Education at prices as low as possible:  We believe the economic strata ofany student mustn’t stop him/her from excelling in their profession. We help our
students find quality education, in the remotest corners of this world at cost as low as
possible without compromising on the quality.

4. Range of Course: Apart from traditional degree courses we have extended our
services in professional and vocational courses, this has helped us in shaping the
current education system of India.