Having completed 19 years successfully, we are proud to declare not only IMTS has made several records in terms of helping students find the best institute; but also stood firm on our mission to provide maximum assistance in professional guidance. In countries like India where literacy rate is so low and economic factors drive students to mid-way drop out of their college or professional training courses, the way to distance education can make so much difference. Having said that, this is not just our philosophy but has become our mission over the years, practiced with compassion and diligent effectual steps. Over these 19 years, not just IMTS has touched many students but has changed their lives by opening up the possibilities of a bright future. When we look back, we see students that came to us with their problems and hurdles that stopped them to learn and educate themselves but with our in-depth and personalized counseling they have become an important cog in the economic growth of this country or are placed somewhere good in global organizations.

The Mission of IMTS is to offer distance education to everyone who is unable to complete their education because of many reasons.

The main aim of the IMTS institute is to offer career Counseling  to students with many educational courses. These courses are available in different fields like research, computer, traditional, technical, and diploma courses.

What is our mission?

  1. Re-establish the lost connection between knowledge and drop out students.
  2. Helping maximum working professionals to do effective and resulting value addition.
  3. Educating women that have left colleges or professional training due to marriage or discrimination
  4. Make education available in the best possible way, and the most economic format.
  5. Career counseling students to develop entrepreneurship and innovation in their interest fields.