Time Table

DEC 2020 – 2021

Date Time  Subject Code Paper Code Title of Paper
01.02.2020 09.00 TO 12.00 NOON Qualifying Exam MCA Algebra 1
Algebra 2
Calculus (Without Trigonometry)
Vectors and Three-Dimensional
01.02.2020 09.00 TO 12.00 NOON Qualifying Exam MBA Quantitative Aptitude
English, General Awareness
Data Interpretation and Reasoning



Date Time  Subject Code         Paper Code Title of Paper



9 Am- 12 Noon

ADBA-1, BBA-1,
DBA (HT)-1,
DMB-111 Section A- Principles of Management
Section B- Organization Behavior
ADCA-1, BCA-1, DCA-1 DCS-101 Computer Fundamental & Programming
in C
M.Com.-1 DMB-107 Human Resource Management
M.Lib.-1 DML-101 Information Communication &
M.Sc.DFSM-1, DPN-101 Applied Physiology
PGDIPR-1 DPR-101 General Overview of Intellectual Property
PGDFSQM-1 DPM-101 Fundamentals of Food Chemistry
B.Lib.-1 DBL-101 Library & Society
B.A.-3(Hindi), DBA-103 Aadhunik Hindi Kavya Evam
B.A.-5(Hindi) Kavya Shastra
MBA-1 DMB-116 Section A- Principles of
Section B- Human Resource
PGDGM-1 DGM-101 Basic Geriatrics
07-02-2020 M.Com.-2 DMB-108 Accounting & Financial Analysis
ADCA-2, DCA-2 DCS-102 Internet & Web Designing
BCA-2 DCS-119 Mathematics
BBA-2, BBA-2(HTM) DMB-113 Section A- Business Communication
Section B- Principles of Marketing
M.Lib.-2 DML-102 Research Methodology
PGDFSQM-2 DPM-102 Advance Food Microbiology
M.Sc.DFSM-2, DPN-102 Nutritional Biochemistry
PGDIPR-2 DPR-102 Industrial Property: Patents, Designs, Plant Varieties
B.Lib.-2 DBL-102 Library Management
B.A.-4(Hindi),B.A.-6(Hindi) DBA-104 Bhartiya Kavya Shastra ke Siddhanth
M.Sc.(CA)-1, MCA-1,
DCS-116 Computer Fundamentals &Programmingin C
MBA-2 DMB-117 Section A-Principles of EconomicsSection B-Financial Management
PGDGM-2 DGM-102 Clinical Geriatrics
08-02-2020 M.Com.-3 DMB-109 Section A-Research MethodologySection B-Computer Fundamenta
ADCA-4, BCA-3, DCA-4 DCS-104 Data Structure Through C
ADBA-3, BBA-3,
DMB-114 Section A- Principles ofEconomicsSection B- Business Laws
M.Lib.-3 DML-103 Academic Library System
PGDFSQM-3 DPM-103 Food Laws and Standards
M.Sc.DFSM-3,PGDDPN-3 DPN-103 Food Microbiology & Food Safety
PGDIPR-3 DPR-103 Industrial Property: Trademarks,Geographical Indications, TradeSecrets and Unfair Competition
DCS-112 Data Structure Through C
B.Lib.-3 DBL-103 Library Classification (Theory)
DBA-105 Micro Economics
MBA-3 DMB-118 Section A-Accounting and FinancialAnalysisSection B-Business Law
10-02-2020 M.Com.-4 DMB-110 Section A- Production & OperationManagementSection B- Marketing Management
BBA-4, BBA-4(HTM) DMB-115 Section A- Business StatisticsSection B-Financial Management
M.Sc.(CA)-3, PGDCA-3 DCS-106 Section A- Internet &E-CommerceSection B- Data BaseManagement System09
ADCA-3, BCA-4,DCA-3 DCS-103 Data Base Management System
ADBA-4, DBA-4 DMB-112 Financial Management
M.Lib.-4 DML-104 nformation Processing & Retrieva
DPN-104 Nutrition Through Life Cycle
PGDFSQM-4 DPM-104 Food Quality & SafetyManagement System
PGDIPR-4 DPR-104 Copyright and Related Rights(International)0
B.Lib.-4 DBL-104 Library Cataloguing (Theory)
MBA-4 DMB-119 Organizational Behavior
B.A.-4(Economics),  B.A.-6(Economics) DBA-106 Public Finance
MCA-3 DCS-117 Data Base Management System
11-02-2020 ADCA-5, DCA-5 DCS-105 Object Oriented Programming & C+ +0
M.Sc.(CA)-4, PGDCA-4 DCS-107 Operating System with Unix &Shell Programming
M.Lib.-5 DML-105 Management of Library &Information Centres
PGDFSQM-5 DPM-105 Food Standards and QualityControl
DPN-105 Clinical and Therapeutic Nutrition
PGDIPR-5 DPR-105 Protection of Industrial Propertyat the National Leve
BCA-5 DCS-120 Discrete Mathematics
M.A.(English)-1 DMA-101 Non-Fictional Prose
M.A.(Hindi)-1 DMA-105 Hindi Bhasha Ka Itihas EvamBhasha Vigyan
M.A.(Sociology)-1 DMA-109 Social Development & SocietyStructure
M.A.(Pol Science)-1 DMA-113 Western Political Thought
M.A.(History)-1 DMA-117 Historiography: Concepts,Methods & Tools
M.A.(PublicAdmin)-1 DMA-121 Public Administration Theory AndPractice
B.Lib.-5 DBL-105 Information Science & ReferenceService
DBA-107 History of Europe from 1789 to1848 A.D
MBA-5 DMB-120 Section A-Operations ResearchSection B-Research Methodology

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