Vision IMTS

I started the IMTS institution in Noida. I came up with the vision of offering a common platform to students and universities where they easily come together. Student only needs to pick an effective and suitable course.

The main vision of this institution is to pick an opportunity to relate it with those universities that offering these courses.

For distance education and learning to fully succeed there are a lot of factors that are needed
to be mended and many tried and tested strategies that are needed to be implemented. This
implementation and transition from in-class experience to distance learning can only succeed
if we can capture maximum student engagement during class to activate high knowledge

Quality Education:

the vision of IMTS is to formulate a distance learning ecosystem that is approachable by
students and does not compromise the quality of education. Only quality education can
encourage students to adopt distance learning which eliminates the possibility of students to
drop out.

Professional Training

Professional courses that are taught in many colleges lack the personal experience, also, the
vision is to slowly implement an automated process to allow students to practically learn their
subject at their nearest centers conveniently.

Technical Empowerment

Empowering colleges to provide digital education and making technology affordable for
students to provide maximum knowledge retention. IMTS is making maximum efforts to
create awareness for the same and encouraging students to utilize technology for education
and learning.


We thrive on our thought leadership where we want students to not be stopped in their

career as per their desire.

Affordable Education

respective professional fields for promotions just due to lack of certification. Distance
learning thus can help them prepare themselves for upcoming opportunities and shape their

A lot of money that students pay for in-class education is for the resources and maintenance
of the building, but distance education eliminates its needs and thus education can be made
very affordable. This way not just we are encouraging students but also supporting them to
prepare themselves for global competition.