IMTS Institute FIR against Fake Reviews and Extortion name of subscription

IMTS Institute FIR against Fake Reviews and Extortion name of subscription: IMTS institute  runs a highly successful educational business which has thousands of satisfied customers who have been provided with courses which are well above industry standard. In fact, this company has a very prestigious reputation for the services they provide. Despite our client’s extreme efforts, commitments, sacrifices, and perseverance to create an outstanding business with an amazing track record, they have been subject to unlawful online activities which we believe have been intentionally orchestrated to damage our client’s reputation and to hold the company to ransom so that they can make significant financial gain from our client. (India) Private Ltd. has established an online website that acts as a review page for various companies and businesses, hence purporting to be an impartial honest website designed to be a helpful business to aid the public when selecting which companies to acquire services from. However, as will be further discussed, all is not as it seems and this company has acted against the policies and ethics of Google.


Defamation: Negative reviews by fake accounts

Our client alleges and strongly believes that (India) Private Ltd. has been purposefully publishing utterly false, untrue, scandalous, and harmful claims against our client. You can see for yourself on their website the nature of these disgraceful reviews. For example, on 8th June 2021 an (alleged) user named

shrivastavalilcut left the following review: “Unfortunately is really bad Imts institute. All counselor are fake . I really bad experience . Special request all of student . Please aap ine se counselling mat karviga. Be safe be secure all student . And

also HR behaviour is not good”. Again, on 7th April 2021, a user with a suspiciously similar username to the last review (shivanishilpi124) left the following review: “IMTS institute is really fake and fraud. They promise for regular classes and on time result from the reputed University.”.

Information Given by IMTS Admin Department


IMTS Institute alleges that these reviews are completely fake and false and bear no significance in regards to the actual quality and services of the Institute of Management & Technical Studies Education Pvt Ltd. This is evidenced in several ways. Firstly, there is highly suspicious activity on several of the reviewing accounts on the website. For example, the user digvijaysolanki12 reviewed a staggering 14 completely different and unrelated products on the website all on the 17th May 2018. These reviews are all very similar and follow a certain structure (introduces himself > states problem etc.) which reveals that these reviews are highly suspicious and are most likely fake accounts purposefully designed to leave false fake reviews for businesses.

This conduct clearly constitutes defamation and more specifically libellous claims i.e written communication of a false statement about another that unjustly harms their reputation. According to our client, these reviews have no truth in them whatsoever and the names of these accounts are of people who have never purchased services from our client’s business. Hence, the only reasonable explanation can be that these reviews are fake and intentionally aimed to damage our client’s reputation. Therefore, we plead and demand that you undertake the requests discussed at the end of this letter.

Mouthshout Reviews Extortion

Having further spoken with our client it’s clear that these fake and false reviews were deliberately published to damage our client’s reputation and to extort payment for the removal of these outrageous reviews. Mr. Mihir Vidwans, a key figure for, contacted our client to arrange a meeting to discuss these reviews. However, in this meeting, our client was presented with an offer for various packages and ‘add-on features’ which would essentially remove the fake reviews. For example, the cost for a ‘Brand pulse’ account would cost 4,00,000 (lakhs). Furthermore, there are other packages such as the ‘Positives Reviews First’ package which essentially would charge our client 2,00,000 (lakhs) per year to ensure positive reviews are at the top of the review page for our client.

This business is clearly extremely unethical and conducts highly suspicious activities. It poses as an honest review site aimed at helping the public, but in reality, it is a money-

making scheme purely designed for them to be able to make a profit out of companies desperate to change these negative reviews left about their businesses which they have worked extremely hard to establish and protect. After all, what is the point of a review website which allows the companies to remove negative reviews? This goes completely against the nature of review websites and, as I’m sure you will agree, should not be permitted under any circumstances.

unlawfully and illegal Work Done by 

The company not only acts in an immoral way, but they also act unlawfully and illegally. This is due to the fact that these activities, assuming the reviews are genuinely fake, can constitute extortion, defined as the practice of trying to get something through force, threats, or blackmail. Due to the fact that the company intentionally posted fake reviews to damage our client’s reputation accompanied by the fact that they then tried to elicit payment for the removal of these reviews, it can clearly be established that these practices constitute extortion. These activities should not be permitted on your search engine and are totally against your own policies. When our client refused to pay this demand from the extorting company he was threatened with evermore fake and dishonest reviews being published on the website against our client. Furthermore, our client has since filed an official police complaint (as disclosed).