IMTS Noida File FIR against Mouthshut Fake reviews ( Students name not Match with IMTS Records )

IMTS Noida Fake reviews Story : alleges that these reviews are completely fake and false and bear no significance in regards to the actual quality and services of the Institute of Management & Technical Studies Education Pvt Ltd. This is evidenced in several ways. Firstly, there is highly suspicious activity on several of the reviewing accounts on the website. For example, the user digvijaysolanki12 reviewed a staggering 14 completely different and unrelated products on the website all on the 17th May 2018. These reviews are all very similar and follow a certain structure (introduces himself > states problem etc.) which reveals that these reviews are highly suspicious and are most likely fake accounts purposefully designed to leave false fake reviews for businesses.

IMTS Noida File FIR against Mouthshut Fake reviews